Bulova watch serial number dating

I am trying to date a men's wittnauer wrist watch there is no serial number on the movement, only on the case back (inside) the number is #692927. Hello, all trying to date a new acquisition, and could use some help: got a nice little bulova sea king that was advertised as made in the 60's. The f is part of the serial number and is not used to date the watch there should be a two digit number stamped on the caseback l indicates the 50'sl4 would be 1954 dating a bulova ladies watch in reply to yours_truly_1980_kll dec 24, 2017 10:38:18 pm sf782339_8 enthusiast. Rather, the date must be dating bulova watch serial number using symbols, serial numbers, and two-character codes placed on various parts of the watch these codes and the manner in which they should be interpreted is the subject of this article. Not all bulova watches will have serial numbers on the case if yours does not, you may want to consider looking for a serial number on the mechanism you may want to use a magnifying glass to help you read the serial number if you already looked for a date code on your watch, you may have already found the serial number.

Dating a watch is an inexact science it’s virtually impossible to identify a watch down to the exact production date the best way to identify the date of manufacture of a watch is to locate the serial number on the watch’s movement. Search the vintage bulova watch database by movement type, model, serial number and year or date code bulova watches by model serial numbers rolex locating your rolex serial number the serial number of your watch is engraved on the case at the 6 o'clock end between the lugs. Bulova: in the 1950's bulova incorporated a symbol system to date the watches they manufactured these numbers are stamped on the back (outside) of the case if there is no two symbols, it could be that your watch was made before 1948.

This reference model number is a combination of two numbers: movement caliber case code each of these two numbers are four digits long and they are separated by a hyphen in the example images the reference model number is highlighted in red the other number you will need is the serial number this is also on the case back and is six digits long. Bulova watch serial number list to date and dating of production your old vintage bulova watch accutron american tuning fork watch at brittons watches bulova mark there dates using a date code system this can be found on the back of the case and on the movement open the case and find the serial number, usually found engraved on the. I have two bulova a17a watches bulova, unlike elgin and waltham stamped a code number on the movement my watches are marked l8 and m1, this dates the watches to 1958 and 1961( with the correct 10bnch movement)hope this info helps, they are great mil watch examples regards. A bulova m5 code would indicate that the watch was made in 1965 vintage bulova watches can be dated by this little alphanumeric code: lx = 195x mx = 196x nx = 197x px = 198x tx = 199x pre-1950 bulova watches used a variety of symbols and numbers (eg, 47 and 48 to designate 1947 and 1948) to show the model year of the watch. Vintage bulova watch serial numbers | old bulova watches | vintage watches cool men watches can have a number of variations the size of the dials may vary or even the material of the strap can be different 2017 marks the anniversary of bovet and the brand has just released the new bovet virtuoso viii flying tourbillon big date watch.

These date symbols can be used to date pre-1950 bulova watches though some bulova watches have serial numbers on the movements, we do not know of a way to date a bulova watch using the serial number. To determine the approximate age of your watch, open the case and find the serial number, usually found engraved on the movement or the case back itself, then match it up with the list on this page. Since your serial number falls between those two numbers, you know that your watch was made in 1917 or 1918 not sure which serial number to use you must use the serial number from the movement of the watch the working part with the wheels and gears not the serial number from the watch case.

Date your bulova watch by using this list of bulova serial numbers bulova serial watch, the serial number should be the official website for bulova watches -- an iconic american watch brand founded in 1875. The serial numbers on these watches do not appear to have any date correlation, leaving the movement as the only method for dating the watch an example of this type of watch is the 1942 watertite similar to stainless steel models, solid gold and sterling silver models also often do not bear the typical 7-digit serial number. Bulova watch serial number list to date and dating of production your old vintage bulova watch accutron american tuning fork watch at brittons watches bulova - serial numbers indicating production dates. Vintage bulova watches from the 1920's and 1930's can be dated by the first number of their serial number for example 9xxxxxx would indicate 1929 or 1939 examination of the date code on the movement will generally help to pin down the decade.

Bulova watch serial number dating

In order to identify the manufacture date of a bulova watch, locate the code or symbol on the back of the case or on the movement bulova watches used a symbol on watches manufactured between 1924 and 1949 and a two-digit code for watches manufactured from 1950 to 1999. The transition of bulova watch serial numbers over the years 1) between the years 1934 and 1945, a series of symbols were used instead of digits to indicate the year on which they were made if the bulova watch in question packs a symbol on its back, you can use a bulova watch serial numbers lookup chart to match it up and determine its makeup date. Bulova watch serial number dating i can at least say thanks to agent orange, jo t, mach 00013137, mel and k serial numbers may be found on movements, case backs or dials depending on the make, model and age of the watch in question. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but has anyone deciphered the serial numbers on these watches my serial number is 20591050 i see that the markings on the case are in different positions my serial number is at 2 o'clock i also saw a post where the number was on the card that came with it, my card isn't.

  • There are many bulova watches with serial numbers however, these numbers are for identification purposes only there are no number tables that i am aware of to cross reference the date of manufacture with the serial number the serical numbers were simply for identification purposes only.
  • Starting in 1948, bulova went to a combination letter/number code for dating for example, l5 the first letter stands for the decade, and the second number is the year in the decade.
  • The world's most complete and reliable source of information on vintage and antique bulova watches everything you want to know about these great timepieces is here.

Site rolex production dates by serial number from oysterworld rolex serial numbers from bob's watches rolex serial numbers from the watch guy sangamo clocks seiko, how to tell when your seiko watch was made, from quartzimodo's time journal seth thomas number 2 regulator identification from r mackey seth thomas watch co production dates from pocket. Both companies went to a different serial number system and the date of manufacture is not determinable by these letter & number serials bulova : in the 1950's bulova incorporated a symbol system to date the watches they manufactured. The date of your bulova watch case is relatively easy to identify, at least from 1950 onwards over the years, bulova used a variety of codes that allow you to date the case simply by comparing the code to a reference.

Bulova watch serial number dating
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